Educating Nashville One Pretzel At A Time!

Educating Nashville One Pretzel At A Time!

I am sure each of you has heard the old adage, “When you love what you do, it will never feel like work,” correct?  Well, that is the way we feel about making soft pretzels.  And for that, we are compelled to teach the art of pretzel making to anyone willing to commit the time and allow themselves to be vulnerable to flour, water, yeast, well you understand where that was going.  Life is far too short to not learn all that you possibly can and then pay it forward.  We hope that we can inspire our student’s culinary creativity by teaching the broad-based science behind a simple yeast dough and a chemical reaction when combined with some heat.  Sound complicated?

Our educational classes are meant for pure enjoyment.  Each student will embark upon their own individual journey, have their own tools, add their own ingredients, mix it with their own hands, shape their pretzels (this is where we see some individual creativity sneak in) and finally, dip, salt and bake their own dozen pretzels.  Although our coveted recipe has some unique ingredients, we like to lead the class with discussion on what alternative ingredients our participants palettes will like.  Whether it is the brand of flour you prefer to the type of sweetener you like to catch on the front of your tongue, we will discuss it all.

We cannot forget our friend gluten.  There is even a recipe for gluten, in which we will teach.  Unfortunately, a gluten-free flour is not the premise of our business so we only touch briefly on the possibilities and keep moving towards that warm, twisted piece of heaven.  If science class was never your favorite, we make that portion fun.  The symbiotic relationship between sugar, yeast and salt is important to understand and to be successful in pretzel making.  And, for those of that used to wonder why their grandmother had a powerful left hook, you will know when you learn to properly knead the 4.5 pounds of dough for a mere 10 minutes.

Lastly, we get to play with chemicals.  Serious chemicals.  Truly, this is portion of the class remains participatory; however, we will very closely supervise anyone under 13 years of age.  The unique taste and crust on a pretzel is dependent upon the chemical bath we give these dough boys.  You will hand select just the right amount of salt to top your designs, submerge them into 16 minutes of baking and Voila! (oops, wrong language).  Your mahogany brown, salt speckled, twists of heaven are ready to bag and take home.

Because this class is demonstrated by the instructor, you get to taste theirs while you carry away your very own, complete dozen.  Find our class schedule on the Events page at  For private classes or private group classes, feel free to contact us at

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  • Sue Reply

    I wish that I could come to a class as I have always wanted to tackle these yummy babies! Good luck!

    September 27, 2017 at 8:20 AM
    • Vincent Dreffs Reply

      We can certainly make that happen for you. The reward is certainly worth the effort.

      September 27, 2017 at 11:01 AM

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