Nashville Soft Pretzel Co. to Debut!

Nashville Soft Pretzel Co. to Debut!

Nashville Soft Pretzel Co. to debut at America’s second largest Oktoberfest!

What started as a love to eat the German-style soft pretzels became a passion to learn the craft.  Vincent Dreffs has spent years trying various versions of family recipes, techniques and ingredients ultimately culminating in what will be the ‘secret’ recipe for this new venture.  “Most fear any recipe that uses yeast; however, pretzel dough is the most forgiving and requires no specific knowledge of that ingredient.”

Achieving the rich, mahogany color is definitely an art form and has many ways of achieving the same visual result; however, with each iteration that strays from the old-world technique the flavor dwindles too.  Nashville Soft Pretzel Co. will keep all the traditions into their hand-crafted and twisted, flavorful bundles of joy.

Additionally, the desire to spread all the goodness of Nashville Soft Pretzel Co. around the world, Dreffs will teach the craft to small groups of enthusiasts, novice bakers and revelers that just want to participate in a group activity that yields a dozen benefits.  Check out for a class schedule or inquire about hosting your own.

It is a natural, a marriage made in heaven.  Nashville Soft Pretzel Co. and Nashville’s Oktoberfest will host over 250,000 visitors for the annual celebration touted to be the oldest festival in Nashville as well as America’s 2nd largest Oktoberfest celebration.  Nashville’s Oktoberfest will be held beginning the afternoon of Thursday, October 5th and run through Sunday, October 8, 2017.  All the festival details are available at

Be sure and visit us at Oktoberfest.  We look forward to sharing out ‘twist of heaven’ with you.

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