Patience and Partnership equals Pretzels!

Patience and Partnership equals Pretzels!

Greetings Soft Pretzel Enthusiasts!  As we quietly tuck away Thanksgiving and begin to unravel the rest of this season’s holidays, we are diligently working towards making these beauties more readily available; however, if your need is dire, we are willing to help.

Patience – we appreciate all of yours as we embrace ours in getting bake shop drawings completed, construction pricing and making a determination on the best location for everyone.  Additionally, since we are about getting pretzels into your hands, we are certainly available to fulfill special orders of any size providing you are patient with the order and delivery/pick up process.  As much as we are ready to go with our website to take orders, we are having a difficult time working through the details of securing strategic pick up locations for you.  In the meantime, order requests can be sent to

This is where we ask for your partnership.  If you know of a GREAT location that is looking to have other pretzel connoisseurs darken their doorsteps, we would love to know about them.  You can simply reply to this post below and we will take it from there.  Think about any accompaniments you may want with your twists of heaven.  If they sell them, it would be a win/win for everyone.

Lastly, the pretzels.  As we feel we have the best traditional soft pretzels in America, we also want to hear about any unique flavors that you are craving.  Our research and development team is a non-stop machine and always has something in the works; however, they cannot possibly read your minds.  Again, feel free to respond with any suggestions below or you can send us an email at

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  • Kathy Reply

    You should sell at the Farmer’s Market – at Bicentennial Mall and at outposts such as Thursdays and the Vanderbilt Medical Center plaza from 1:30-5.
    Please open a storefront in Bellevue. There are tons of retail opportunities at One Bellevue Place. Look into it!

    June 28, 2018 at 3:27 PM
    • Vincent Dreffs Reply

      Hi Kathy,
      We love all of your ideas and a couple of them are new to us so we will research them for possibilities. We are currently sold through The Picnic Tap at Nashville Farmer’s Market, should you need an occasional fix. We are also in the works on a storefront with some exciting new flavors and products. Thank you for your interest and keep any good ideas coming our way. We truly do love hearing from our raving fans.

      July 2, 2018 at 8:05 PM

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