As the days click by, we here at Nashville Soft Pretzel Co. realize just how much love our fans have for the little twists of heaven.  From Facebook to Instagram and through the myriad methods of contact through our website, we realize that we cannot get our storefront open soon enough.  Trust me when I say, that is our first and foremost priority and we appreciate your patience and support.

While we work on finding bricks and mortar, we need your help with a few things.  First, the word “pretzel” was first known to be used in the year 1831 and has remained at the bottom 30% of words used in the world.  Those statistics don’t bode well for any business, it’s relevance to it’s local market and subsequent contribution to the overall industry.

So, we have jump started our efforts to canvass the world with pretzel awareness by building our Facebook page to 1,000 likes.  If you are not already dialed in to us on Facebook, we would love for you to change that.  We would also love for you to change that for your Mom, Dad, Children, Grandparents, and Friends too.  Dawn has a contest going with an amazing secret prize (Hint: it is soft, salty and comes by the dozen).

For those that have braved the fine art of making pretzels by becoming a student of Nashville Soft Pretzel Co.’s classes, you have already been granted access to the Facebook Alumni Group of NSPC.  As you begin to experiment in your own home, we hope that you will share your successes (and failures) and any suggested dips or sauces that you have found to compliment your pretzels.  Additionally, we do our best to closely monitor this group in case you have any questions about the ingredients or process.  Anyone in the group can help and we will do our best to get them answered too.

Lastly, Nashville Soft Pretzel Co. can be found on Instagram too.  We know, we know, there aren’t that many variations of pretzel photos that we can share.  However, if we are going to raise the statistics addressed above, we have to engage in a strong social presence.  So, feel free to engage with our Instagram account too.

We love that you love us and want to be sure that we are working together to get these babies in your hands as quick as possible.  Thank you for being on the team, staying connected and enjoying the “twists” and “turns” with us.

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